Ellie Trim’s Journey: From Accounts Administrator to ACCA Qualification

Ellie Trim, our Accounts Administrator at Tillicoultry Quarries, began her professional journey with us in January 2021. In this enlightening interview, she shares her experiences, motivations, and aspirations during her three-year tenure.


Discovering Tillicoultry Quarries: An Employer for Progression


Ellie stumbled upon Tillicoultry Quarries through an online job search, where the company’s commitment to employee development immediately caught her eye. Tillicoultry Quarries’ emphasis on putting people through qualifications and fostering career progression resonated with Ellie, prompting her to apply for an opportunity she believed held immense potential.


Inspiration to Join TQ: A Welcoming Atmosphere and Recognising Potential


Initially eyeing a different role, Ellie was pleasantly surprised when Tillicoultry Quarries suggested the Accounts Administrator position, aligning perfectly with her prior accounting experience. The proactive approach of the company in tailoring vacancies to her skill set made her feel welcome and encouraged, marking a positive start to her journey at Tillicoultry Quarries.


Career Evolution at Tillicoultry Quarries: From Accounts Administrator to ACCA


Ellie began her Tillicoultry Quarries career as an Accounts Administrator, focusing on processing invoices, supplier statements, and payments. In June 2021, she undertook an AAT Foundation course, enhancing her accounting knowledge. Last year, Ellie took a leap by enrolling in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course, a five-year endeavour extending to December 2027. Her aim is to delve into more complex aspects of accounting and financial management.


Work Culture at TQ: A Friendly and Encouraging Environment


Describing Tillicoultry Quarries as a friendly and supportive workplace, Ellie highlights the camaraderie among colleagues. The close-knit accounts team, coupled with the positive company culture, fosters an environment where everyone is encouraged to progress, take on new challenges, and continuously learn.


A Day in Ellie’s Life: From Invoices to In-Depth Analysis


Ellie’s average day involves diverse tasks such as processing invoices, managing wages, and engaging in month-end management account activities. Recently, she has started applying her qualification learnings to analyse accounts, a new skill she aspires to hone further to add substantial value to the business.


Career Aspirations: Climbing the ACCA Ladder and Beyond


Expressing her desire to complete the ACCA qualification, Ellie envisions progressing within Tillicoultry Quarries, gradually moving away from administrative tasks to delve into more in-depth accountancy and analysis. Her goal is to contribute significantly to the business by taking on more responsibilities and advancing further in her career.


Encouragement for Future TQ Talents: A Fantastic Opportunity Awaits


For those contemplating a career at Tillicoultry Quarries, Ellie offers encouraging words. She urges potential candidates to embrace the support and developmental opportunities offered by the company. Tillicoultry Quarries, according to Ellie, is an excellent platform for ambitious individuals keen on learning and progressing in their careers.


Closing Thoughts: Unexpected Paths and Endless Opportunities


Reflecting on her unexpected journey from a history degree to pursuing the ACCA, Ellie emphasises the vast opportunities Tillicoultry Quarries provides. With the right support and guidance, individuals can carve unique and fulfilling career paths within the company, making transitions to new opportunities as they arise.