Enhancing Safety Culture: Scott McDonald’s Impactful Return to Work Talks

In January 2024, the Health & Safety team at Tillicoultry Quarries embarked on a crucial initiative, delivering a comprehensive workshop to kickstart the year on a safe and secure note.

The interactive session delved into the Health & Safety performance of 2023 while shining a spotlight on key areas for collective consideration in 2024. Central to the discussion was the pivotal role each team member plays in fostering a safety-centric environment at Tillicoultry Quarries. Emphasising the significance of vigilance and teamwork, the session underscored the importance of promptly addressing unsafe conditions and behaviours.

Moreover, it reiterated the company’s approach to Risk Assessments and stressed the criticality of Isolation & lock off procedures to ensure the safety of all personnel, including contractors, while operating equipment.

As winter and early spring pose heightened risks of slips, trips, and falls, the presentation culminated in a pertinent discussion on navigating the challenges posed by winter weather.

Looking ahead, similar Health & Safety workshops are planned for all transport team members in the upcoming weeks and months, reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to ensuring a safe working environment across all departments.

Acknowledging the active participation and valuable contributions from team members throughout the session, Scott McDonald, the Health, Safety & Environmental Manager, extends his appreciation to everyone involved.