Inspiring Inclusion at TQ

At Tillicoultry Quarries (TQ), the ethos is centred around inspiring inclusion and this International Women’s Day, we highlight the contributions and successes of every woman within the organisation. TQ takes pride in fostering a culture that recognises and celebrates the diverse talents and perspectives of its female workforce. The company strives to create an environment where every woman feels valued, supported, and empowered to excel in their respective roles. By shining a light on the women who contribute to the business, TQ not only acknowledges their achievements but also underscores its commitment to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusivity throughout the organisation.

As part of International Women’s Day, Sophia Westerhuis Marshall, an accomplished HR professional, celebrates seven years of leadership at TQ and talks about her journey to date, being the first women in a position of leadership. She also gives some inspirational career advice.

“I have now worked with Tillicoultry Quarries for nearly 7 years and have had an extremely positive experience as a woman in a leadership role within the extractives sector. I joined the business in 2016 as part of the leadership team having worked in HR for over 20 years. When I joined the business TQ didn’t have a HR function, and I was handed a blank canvas which was very exciting but also a little terrifying when coupled with, being not only the youngest, but the only female member of the leadership team. Despite these challenges it gives me great pleasure 7 years on to be able to say with complete honesty, that I have always felt supported and trusted to develop our people function and have played a role in decision making across the wider business.  

It is very refreshing to work for such a dynamic and progressive business where ability to do your job, drive and ambition are the key attributes you need to succeed, and gender is irrelevant. I am really proud to say we are an inclusive employer whose key focus is attracting, developing and retaining people who want to show up every day to help us continue to grow our business.  

Given the skills shortages we are experiencing within the sector it is imperative we are always working towards being an employer of choice for all. Notably, 51% of the population are female after all and that’s a lot of potential to miss out on. We are therefore very proud to have so many women in our business in such a variety of different roles all contributing to our success and growth.  

I hope this feature helps us to continue to break down stereotypes and demonstrates that the extractives sector can offer fantastic career opportunities for everyone.  My advice to women thinking about joining our industry would be go for it, have confidence in your ability and don’t limit yourself based on perceptions about what the sector can offer.” 

Sophia’s journey is a testament to TQ’s empowering environment, dedicated to attracting and developing talent for continuous business growth.

Beyond Sophia’s notable contributions, TQ extends heartfelt gratitude to all the women who play integral roles in shaping the success of the company. TQ recognises and appreciates the diverse skills, dedication, and innovation that every woman brings to the organisation. From various departments to leadership roles, these women contribute significantly to the growth and vibrancy of TQ.