Mark Forrest’s Apprenticeship Journey

Meet Mark, who began his apprenticeship journey at Tillicoultry Quarries (TQ) almost two years ago. As part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, we sat down with Mark to explore his experiences, motivations, and the valuable lessons he has gained along the way. 

Mark proudly serves as an apprentice electrician at TQ, primarily based at Northfield where his journey into the field of electrical engineering commenced. 

Motivation and Career Aspirations 

Mark’s passion for electrical engineering ignited as soon as he left school. The diverse and varied nature of the work appealed to him, and he identified the potential for a fulfilling career in the field. Securing an apprenticeship at TQ seemed like a natural and exciting opportunity to pursue his future ambitions. 

Training and Professional Development 

Mark highlights the exceptional training and support provided by TQ as instrumental to his professional development. The company’s adaptability and commitment to his success have been evident, especially when he encounters challenges at college. Allowing Mark one day a week to focus on college has been valuable, however learning how to balance college and work have taught him important skills in time management and prioritisation. 

Highlight Project 

A standout moment in Mark’s apprenticeship was working on a project involving the transformation of containers into functional work areas. The installation of lighting, heaters, sockets, and other electrical components showcased the diversity of tasks he encounters daily, emphasising that no two days are the same. 

Long-Term Career Goals 

Mark envisions his apprenticeship as a stepping stone toward a successful and diverse career. The mix of industrial and domestic tasks he handles provides him with a broad skill set, offering flexibility for his future career path, even though the specifics of what that might look like are still under consideration for Mark. 

Mentorship and Support 

Paul McMahon, the sole electrician in the company, has played a pivotal role in Mark’s journey. Working closely with Paul on a day-to-day basis, Mark appreciates his mentor’s guidance and willingness to share knowledge. The supportive environment created by Paul has fostered a culture where questions are welcomed, and learning is continuous. 

Advice to Aspiring Apprentices 

Mark’s advice to those considering an apprenticeship at TQ or in the industry is straightforward – work hard, stay committed, and embrace the opportunities for progress and learning. He encourages anyone contemplating an apprenticeship at TQ to seize the chance, emphasizing the rewarding nature of the experience. 

Mark’s story encapsulates the essence of Scottish Apprenticeship Week – a celebration of dedication, skill development, and the promising future of apprentices in the workforce. We look forward to witnessing Mark’s continued success at Tillicoultry Quarries.