Navigating Success at Tillicoultry Quarries

Discovering Tillicoultry Quarries: Hugh King acquisition  


Gail Greenfield’s introduction to Tillicoultry Quarries (TQ) goes back to the acquisition of Hugh King, her initial employer in 2002. The Tillicoultry Quarries acquisition in 2018 provided the opportunity to work closely with the Tillicoultry Quarries team and Gail has done so ever since. 


Career Evolution at Tillicoultry Quarries: Administrative expertise 


Starting with roles in sales and purchase ledger, Gail has been the first contact at the Hullerhill Mortars and Renders site. Her administrative skills, honedin different industries before Tillicoultry Quarries, has been a constant, making her a pivotal figure in the company’s operations. 


Work Culture at Tillicoultry Quarries: A blend of independence and collaboration 


Gail describes the work culture at Tillicoultry Quarries as dynamic, with individuals seamlessly balancing independent tasks and collaborative efforts. The team’s camaraderie, coupled with a healthy dose of humour, contributes to a positive and productive atmosphere. 

A Working Day: Efficient administration and customer interaction 


Gail’s daily routine involves a meticulous approach to tasks. From checking emails, managing banking and credit control to processing orders and handling face-to-face customer interactions, she ensures the smooth functioning of administrative processes. 


Career Aspirations: Embracing challenges and continuous learning 


While acknowledging the potential for career progression at Tillicoultry Quarries, Gail expresses contentment with her current position. Her satisfaction lies in the daily challenges she encounters and successfully resolves, coupled with the continuous learning opportunities the role provides. 


Workplace Encouragement: Supportive management and approachable HR 


Gail appreciates the support of the management team, with General Manager Brian Woods being particularly approachable. The HR department at the head office adds an extra layer of approachability, contributing to the overall positive work environment. 


Advice for Future Tillicoultry Quarries talents: Values, training, and opportunities 


To those contemplating a career at Tillicoultry Quarries, Gail emphasises the family-oriented values, excellent training opportunities, and a commitment to individual success. The absence of barriers to progression makes Tillicoultry Quarries an ideal place for those aspiring to succeed. 


Final Thoughts: TQ’s commitment to employee development 


Gail’s journey at Tillicoultry Quarries is a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering a positive work environment, continuous learning, and the development of its employees.