TQ Introduces New Employee App: Prioritising Wellbeing

On November 27th, 2023, Tillicoultry Quarries unveiled its innovative employee app, tailored to enhance connectivity, efficiency, and employee wellbeing.


Crafted with our people at the forefront, this app redefines communication channels and offers vital support services, placing employee wellbeing as our utmost priority.


Key highlights include:


PAY DOCUMENTS: View your latest and historical payslips directly on your phone. Quickly access your P60 and other pay documents.


HEALTH & WELLBEING: Enjoy gym discounts at top UK gyms and undergo an online health check tailored to you. Your mental and physical wellbeing is a priority!


24/7 GP SERVICE: Speak to a GP anytime, anywhere—face-to-face via webcam/phone camera or by telephone. Book appointments at your convenience, with prescriptions authorised and delivered to your local pharmacy.


EMPLOYEE SUPPORT: Utilise a free confidential 24/7 telephone line from your staff portal. Access fully qualified professional counsellors and receive confidential financial, legal, and emotional support. Rest assured—it’s 100% confidential.


DISCOUNT OUTLET: Dive into the best discounts at over 5,000 retailers, from restaurant offers to family fun at top UK attractions. Enjoy savings on holidays, with an average of up to £1,000 per year!


Strengthening Our Workforce


The TQ Employee App cultivates a culture of support and collaboration, contributing to a more resilient and interconnected workforce.


We’re thrilled about the transformative impact this app will have on our employees’ lives. Here’s to a brighter, healthier future for everyone at Tillicoultry Quarries!