TILLICOULTRY QUARRIES | Confirmation on the acquisition of four new sites from CEMEX in the UK

Tillicoultry Quarries Ltd is pleased to confirm that, following a successful negotiation period, it has finalised the purchase of 4 new site locations from CEMEX. The four concrete plant sites are located at Perth, Dundee, Cardenden and Greenock.

This new acquisition is a natural follow on from the acquisition of the 14 new sites acquired from Breedon in November 2020. At present, three of the four plant sites are supplied from existing Tillicoultry Quarries sites with sand and gravel. The acquisition of the four new sites includes eight new employees, enhances Tillicoultry Quarries’ future reserves, and increases geographic reach, creating longevity for the business.

Wallace Menzies, Director of Tillicoultry Quarries, commented:

“The purchase of these four new sites is testament to Tillicoultry Quarries’ continuous commitment to build on and invest in our existing capabilities, protecting our offering with enhanced reserves and opening up in new locations”.

“In the last ten years Tillicoultry Quarries has seen a number of key strategic acquisitions. We have the optimal infrastructure and an experienced team in place to ensure a seamless takeover and we look forward to investing further in these locations.”